André Rösti

Teaching Assistant Notes

Teaching Distributed Sytems: Slides

For my exercise session to the lecture Distributed Systems, I created slides on the following topics:

  1. Paxos / Consensus
  2. Byzantine Agreement / Asynchronous Consensus
  3. Consistency / Clocks / GPS
  4. Quorums / Bitcoin
  5. Game Theory / Distributed Storage
  6. PBFT / Advanced Blockchain

As a visual learner, I know how much good figures and animations can contribute to the understanding of complex topics; I have tried to incorporate visual explanations wherever appropriate. I am linking the Google Slides above, as an exported PDF would not contain the animations. In order to be self-contained, the slides are a little more text-heavy than ideal. Hopefully, they can be a good starting point for other TAs instructing on these topics, or students learning about them. Please e-mail me if you use these and find any errors.